6/45 Lotto Result History and Summary | [Updated Result]


6/45 Lotto Result History and Summary

The 6/45 lotto result history and summary for the year are available on this website for everyone’s consumption. The 6/45 lotto result history and summary is from the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).

6/45 Mega Lotto conducts the game on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9 PM.

In the Philippines, PCSO also hosts STL games, four significant digit games, and five big jackpot-bearing games. The results of the 6/58, 6/55, 6/49, 6/45, and 6/42 lotteries, as well as the 6D, 4D, Swertres (3D), EZ2 (2D), and STL lotteries, may all be found here.


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6/45 Lotto Result History and Summary 2024

Draw DateWinning NumbersJackpot Prize (Php)
Jan 24, 202405-12-19-01-28-0845,638,809.60
Jan 22, 202426-18-22-14-33-1038,968,454.40
Jan 19, 202414-19-43-35-24-0132,101,882.20
Jan 17, 202428-05-33-01-23-2025,568,828.00
Jan 15, 202407-22-04-23-27-4019,087,766.20
Jan 12, 202406-34-11-32-40-0212,718,118.20
Jan 10, 202425-27-12-33-36-028,910,000.00
Jan 8, 202409-07-29-28-11-18121,816,502.40
Jan 5, 202413-18-41-29-33-37111,414,431.60
Jan 3, 202437-29-14-17-16-22100,000,000.00
Jan 1, 2024

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How to play the 6/45 Lotto?

One of the most popular and important PCSO games is Mega Lotto 6/45. A player must mark six numbers on the playing card, ranging from 1 to 45, in order to play.

The player has the option to write down the Lucky Pick, or LP, if they would like to have the machine choose the numbers for them. There is also a systematic play option available for the 6/45 Lotto draws, which gives better winning odds. Increased combinations result in larger stakes.

A player wins if they get the six (6) winning numbers/combinations in any order.

Where to check the 6/45 lotto results?

Aside from pcsoresult.infohttps://pcsoresult.info/, participants can watch the PCSO lotto draws live on PTV and through their online profiles on Facebook and Twitter. The lotto draws are also being broadcast on official PCSO accounts. On rare situations, such as major national holidays, PCSO suspends draws days before the scheduled draw date.

Quick reminders for PCSO lotto winners

If you win, your lottery ticket is good for a year. Unclaimed prizes will be forfeited after one (1) year. Likewise, the player alone bears the responsibility of verifying the accuracy of the data on the ticket or tickets, including the type of wager, stake quantity, draw date, and numbers to be wagered.

Interested players below eighteen (18) years old cannot play any PCSO games.

Furthermore, do not purchase your lottery ticket from anyone who claims that the numbers and tickets will win. It is only available from authorized PCSO retailers.

Do not expose the ticket to extreme heat. Remember that PCSO-generated tickets are heat-sensitive, and PCSO will not honor tickets that have been substantially damaged.

Quick Tips for 6/45 Players

Take extra good care of your ticket.

If you win, the lotto prize ticket has one (1) year validity. Likewise, the player is solely responsible for checking the accuracy of the data printed on the ticket(s), including bet type, bet amount, the draw date you want to enter, and the numbers you want to play.

Interested players below eighteen (18) years old cannot play any PCSO games.

Where to claim your 6/45 Lotto Prize?

If you are a legit winner, write your name and affix the signature behind the winning ticket. Bring and present two (2) valid IDs for verification.

The lotto jackpot prizes can be claimed at the PCSO main office located at the PCSO head office located at 605 Conservatory Bldg., Shaw Blvd. Corner Priceton St., Mandaluyong City. The jackpot prize is taxable under TRAIN Law.

PCSO thoroughly validates all tickets to be claimed. The public is reminded to deal with counterfeited/tampered tickets seriously. They will not honor any should anyone try to claim their prizes using such.

Likewise, claiming prizes below P10,000 can be processed at the nearest PCSO Branch.


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PCSO Lotto Jackpot Winners 2024

Here are the PCSO lotto jackpot winners for the Year 2024. Congratulations everyone!

DateLotto DrawCombinationJackpot PrizeLocationNo. of Winners
Jan 24, 20246/4505-12-19-01-28-0845,638,809.60To be announced…1
Jan 17, 20246/5524-50-52-09-51-03698,806,269.20E-LOTTO or Electronic Lotto.1
Jan 16, 20246/4926-33-14-48-06-42640,654,817.60Lotto outlet of BEST HOPE GAMING & AMUSEMENT CORP. of Rizal Ave., Manila1
Jan 9, 20246/4204-39-23-19-17-3616,813,380.40Lotto outlet of Mary Ann S. Gabriel, Camiling, Tarlac1
Jan 8, 20246/4509-07-29-28-11-18121,816,502.40Lotto outlet of
(1) Sto. Rosario St. Palm Drive, Buhangin, Davao City
(2) Lianas Mutya ng Pasig Mall, Pasig City
Jan 2, 20246/4204-22-07-10-29-14108,072,834.00Lotto outlet of
(1) Rizal M. Garcia in San Miguel Bulacan,
(2) Vincent James Ganir in Tondo, Manila
(3) Maria Olfa Driz in Pila, Laguna

PCSO announcement(s) and notice(s)

Newest Update December 2023: PCSO has launched E-Lotto, an online lottery ticket purchasing application. Here are the PCSO E-Lotto registration and purchasing guidelines. Now check the PCSO Lotto Results.

Furthermore, PCSO introduced Handog Pakabog and increased the jackpot amounts to 500 million and 500 million, respectively, for the 6/58 and 6/55 lotteries. A total of one billion.

A jackpot of 89 million pesos is up for grabs in honor of PCSO’s 89th anniversary. There is an initial minimum prize for the Monday lottery games, Grand Lotto 6/55 and MegaLotto 6/45.

If there are no winners from the Monday draw, the prize money will be added to the jackpots for Lotto 6/42 (TThS), SuperLotto 6/49 (TThSun), and UltraLotto 6/58 (TFSun). As a result, the total prize money will rise until a winner is declared.

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) is warning the public to be cautious of individuals or groups acting as PCSO employees and encouraging the public to purchase lottery tickets online using its betting platform.

PCSO does not currently provide any mobile apps, texts, or phone calls for online betting in order to provide these kinds of services.

About PCSO

The PCSO is the main government agency in the Philippines responsible for carrying out national lottery draws in a legal manner. Donations to charitable organizations are made from the betting profits. In a similar vein, national charities, medical support and services, and health projects receive funding. The order of all PCSO lottery outcomes for major games is not important; nevertheless, the sequence of digit games must be followed.


No content, including but not limited to text, images, videos, or other multimedia assets published, uploaded, or shown on this platform, is attributed to this website. This website’s content is all the exclusive property of its authors, creators, or copyright holders.

Similarly, this website has no connection to, affiliation with, or representation with the PCSO or any of its officers. We recommend that you visit the PCSO official website at www.pcso.gov.ph for verification and other concerns.

6/45 Lotto Result History and Summary

Frequently Asked Questions

Can foreigners win lotto in Philippines?

Yes. According to the PCSO, as cited in several news reports, foreigners can bet and win in Philippine lotto draws, as long as they meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years old and above.

Can foreigners buy lotto in Philippines?

Yes. According to the PCSO, as cited in several news reports, foreigners can bet and win in Philippine lotto draws, as long as they meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years old and above.

What are the lotto games in the Philippines?

Ultra Lotto 6/58. Grand Lotto 6/55. Super Lotto 6/49. Mega Lotto 6/45. Lotto 6/42. 6D Lotto. 4D Lotto. 3D Lotto. 2D Ez2. STL

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